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untitled fr. Planet Arkadelphia [v.1 n.2]
Through the crimson deserts of time,
and life's half blink dawn bursting diamonds in the sky,
the raindrops are Heaven's tears dripping over us all
like a warm blanket for the soul
washing us clean from every Sin.
        [© 08 oct 1998 S.G. Miller]

MORE >> spirit arrows and MUST READ truth arrows for you to follow.
Autobiography - george
Blessings y todos somos dios,
It's a pleasure serving you all,
    - george mcclure

Pete Seeger, the man considered to be one of the pioneers of contemporary folk music and who inspired legion singer-songwriters, passed Monday 27 January 2014. He was 94.

I remember Pete best playing the old Baptist Church on 7th and Broadway in Nashville. He had everyone stand, join hands in one big circle, and sing with him. At the end of his show he parked me in his dressing room where he could visit with me personally after he signed autographs backstage.

Seeger's best known songs include "Where Have All the Flowers Gone", "Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)" and "If I Had a Hammer". Turn Turn Turn was a hit by the Byrds, and Flowers and Hammer were folk era hits by Peter Paul and Mary, the Kingston Trio, the Four Seasons and others.

Pete has left an indelible stamp on our native American music and world music. His influence extended far beyond individual hits. His grandson Kitama Jackson said the singer died of natural causes at New York Presbyterian Hospital on Monday evening. Pete had had heart surgery in December, which went well. Although he couldn't speak the last three days of his life, he recognized everyone and was fully aware.
- George McClure

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  Ray Manzarek has been called the most influential rock organist, teamed with Robby Kreiger, Densmore, and Morrison in 70's rock band the Doors. Ray Manzarek passed 20 May 2013 :: "Riders On The Storm"

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