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  Writer and Recording Artist George McClure
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Through the crimson deserts of time,
and life's half blink dawn bursting diamonds in the sky,
the raindrops are Heaven's tears dripping over us all
like a warm blanket for the soul
washing us clean from every Sin.
        [© 08 oct 1998 S.G. Miller]

ALIEN LOVE (I Made Love To An Alien Last Night)
An early digital internet hit in Japan, ALIEN LOVE was originally written on 5-string banjo (1994.) George McClure also owns the trademark for ALIEN LOVE tm tshirts sleepwear and underwear.

MORE >> spirit arrows and MUST READ truth arrows for you to follow.
Autobiography - george
Blessings y todos somos dios,
It's a pleasure serving you all,
    - george mcclure

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Ray Manzarek has been called the most influential organist in rock. Manzarek teamed with Robby Kreiger, Densmore, and Jim Morrison in the 70's rock band the Doors. Ray Manzarek passed 20 May 2013 :: "Riders On The Storm" [This is an unauthorized remix version.]

"Some people compare Chuck Berry to God. He's great and all, but he's no Chuck Berry."   In memory of Chuck, the Father of Rock 'n Roll, 1926 - 2017. Safe journeys.

Merle Haggard Is Carried Home - On The Wings Of Angels (Even God Is Crying)
c. George McClure 06 ap 2016

Merle Haggard was always the outsider. His band was aptly named the Strangers. He passed today, on his 79'th birthday, after losing part of a lung in 2008 and fighting pneumonia for 11 months.

"Merle Haggard is the best singer in country music." [George Jones]

"Merle Haggard is a walking talking electric guitar-slinging Woody Guthrie." [George McClure]

“Somebody asked my mother, ‘Can you describe your son in a paragraph?’ She said, ‘I can in one word: Unpredictable.’” [Merle Haggard]

"You might even trick the devil once in a while, if nobody knows what you’re gonna do." [Merle Haggard]

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Aliens - Alienz downloads - Roswell chronicles - Alien Love® tshirts briefs

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"Blue Ridge Mountain Blues" by the Legendary Stoneman Family - Roni Stoneman in Vegas

Live rockabilly swing in Nashville TN

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