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Ronda Vincent with George McClure
[l to r] Rhonda Vincent and George McClure

McClure is GRAMMY Producer of the Year Nominee contender [45'th - 48'th Academies]

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George McClure

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"We expect the best, demand the best, and get the best." McTrow Ltd produces pop, country, gospel, Latin, R&B, and roots/Americana recording sessions and projects. Video production and audio production.

Based in Nashville, TN, we are strategically located to utilize the finest recording studios, musicians and singers and mastering facilities on the planet. A-list backup singers and session players are available. We use the same players and singers heard on recordings by Faith Hill, Jewel, Reba McIntyre, and so on.

GMA (Gospel Music Association), NARAS (the Recording Academy), BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated), ASCAP (American Association of Composers Authors and Publishers), AFM (American Federation of Musicians), SAG/AFTRA and Music Row are all here too.

Also on location New York City, L.A., and Austin Texas.

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Artist development and artist management at McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd is a wholistic approach to your individual artist career. Other companies may provide recording, or a studio, or a few musicians - McTrow Ltd provides pre-production training (as needed); hit song selection; recording and mastering; pressing CDs; and post-production sales distribution promotion and publicity for the touring artist.

"If you're going to do it, do it right!" There's a lot of truth in this old adage. It's also true that you get what you pay for. Like buying a car, quality workmanship and reputation costs more, yet you save in the long run. You have better connections, a better product, and better after-production relationship with McTrow Ltd.

    Here's a project outline. It will be tailored specifically to you and your career goals:
  • Pre-production career and music consultation
  • Pull hit songs from our extensive Catalogs of over 2,000 original songs by hit writers
  • Arrange and chart songs and plan music direction and recording sessions. Hire key musicians and background singers as needed.
  • Record in multi-million dollar Grammy winning and gold record winning studio on Music Row - All styles of music from pop, gospel, and country to R&B and roots.
  • Post-production services of mastering, CD layout and design, and pressing
  • Radio and cable TV promotion; CD sales through iTunes, Best Buy, and XM Sirius.
  • Publicity campaigns and tour support.

What's it cost to record a master in Nashville?
Plan on a few thousand dollars and up, per individual master presentation demo. Inquire (complete contact form) for a project quote. Charting Nashville producers producing major label acts gets up to $15,000 a side and 'points' or sales royalty on the record. Pop is up to double this rate and roots/world can be less.

Your project quote depends on many factors. The average three song master presentation recording that can get the attention of a major label or major independent label A&R director will cost you roughly $5000 to $15,000 at 'limited pressing' or 'master' union scale. Package features you should consider include photo shoot, vocal coaching/vocal tuning, song selection, music video, DVD, website, press kit, image and publicity campaigns, in addition to your presentation recording.

McTrow Ltd also provides highly competitive rates for pressing CDs and promotion and release to FM, digital, cable TV networks, iTunes, XM, and so on. Promotion is by city, county, state, and genre.

How does it work?
Make a good faith refundable deposit after talking at length with your producer and viewing the studio and office facilities. A contract is drawn and recording dates are set, and you get busy on details and music.

Any money spent on your producer is money well spent; it saves you time and connects you with the right people for you and your career. And, your producer has the talent and knowledge to guide and shape the music production, forging your own unique sound for today's market. After the deposit and initial consultations, you will be in close contact with your McTrow Ltd producer. Consultation, contracts, material, and recording come next.

Should I seek management advice before I submit my CD package to a major label or major independent label? If you don't have a solid producer working for you in the studio, who assists you in getting great, commercial songs, that hires the right players and people for you; you will not get through the 'back door' much less the front door of a major management company or record label. Whatever the cost of getting someone to take the time to educate you, introduce you to the right people, and work with you, will be worth it many times over.

Being a star is a career-type ambition.
A pharmacist or engineer invests resources preparing their career. They pay for years of education (very expensive) and invest hours of long, hard work. You are the same - you invest time and energy and finances to achieve your goals. Your producer can mentor you and help you, and your producer knows the people who can help you. Sometimes producers offer to work at reduced rates (or free) in exchange for a percentage of the artist's future earnings.

Take your music career a step at a time. "Stars are made, not born." You work and work, and mark the steps, and then it happens very very fast - You're signed to a major deal! Get your team in place now and make your dreams come true.

Isn't there a less expensive way? You could record a rough demo or two and get your feet wet, however don't confuse yourself and think a non-master session demo will open label and management doors for you, because it won't. Industry professionals know immediately what is up to quality standards and what isn't, and they won't spend a second on material that isn't industry standard.

"Just remember that you have to get in the music business for the music. Have fun with it and don't take yourself too seriously. Enjoy the music and the money will come to you. Get in it for the money, and the music will leave you." [John Lennon/The Beatles]

Should I continue to follow my dream? If your desire and passion is to record and perform (or to sing and write songs) and you can't stand to do anything else, then contact us and we'll spend some quality time helping you. You get an initial consultation free no charge. UNSOLICITED PACKAGES ARE DESTROYED OR REFUSED.

Is my dream realistic? If you have the talent and burning passion, everything else follows. "No other personal quality contributes to success more than persistence in the pursuit of one's goals."

Signing with McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd
McTrow Ltd stands for 100% customer satisfaction and excellence in products. Your unequivocal satisfaction is guaranteed. We are very selective in who we take as clients, looking for artists who "pop" and are "complete packages". For songwriters, we look for raw talent and writers who are advanced in your craft. Publishing is available. Talk to us first, and we will determine where we want to go after that.

If you have the drive and ambition, then contact us. We'll review your package and we may help you find your place in the most exciting business in the world. "There's no business like show business!"


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