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Ronda Vincent with George McClure
[l to r] Rhonda Vincent and George McClure

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George McClure

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    Writer of "The Ballad of O.J. Simpson"

    Interscope Records | CW Network | Warner Bros | CBS - Pussycat Dolls 2
"One-of-a-kind." "A true original." [Joe Ross, Amazon and Barnes & Noble]
TNN Nashville Network TV - The Tennessean

Grammy nominated LUCY MONGREL - Best Alternative Album, Best New Artist. Album on 2000+ radio stations nationwide.

"--George McClure, thank you SO much for the amazing work you did with my songs Yours and Ghost Town. The instrumentation was superb, the vocalist was amazing, the production quality was like that I would expect to hear on the radio from established country artists ... your production skills are vastly superior to the material I've heard from other companies and producers.
      Thank You,
      Cory Thomas"


Interscope Records - CW Network
James Herman
Layni Kooper
Veronica Leigh
Jonathan Sherrill
Dean Furbay
Imelda Roberts
["We Saw The Best In You" w/ Nashville Childrens Choir]

Lucy Mongrel
[Grammy nominated "Best Alt Album", "Best New Artist"]

The Gunslingers
Derek Richard - PS150
Ricky Dean Fisher
Chari Jeffers
T.J. Houston
Fred Prue / Prues Blues
[Grammy contender "Song Of The Year"]

Owen Frederic
K.C. Cronin
Magnus Ekelund [Sweden]
Jim Burns
Jack Zeleny
Scott Musterel
Tammy Severs
Bobby Manz
Terry Philips
High Noon
Peggy King
Caroline Moore
Maury Franklin
TonyM [Norway]
Donna D. Wade
Adam Marshall
Dan Schafer
Latonia James
Barney Bowden
CBS - Warner Bros
Coleman Crawford
Ian Highland
Kevin Green
Gene Pautler
Rachel Rivero
Agnes Thurner
Dana Robinson
Jim Holsey
Paul Killeen
Dan Hill
Richard Recco
Charlie Golden
Howard C. Phillips
Lara Mitchell
Lew E Lew
Mel Long
Wayne Painter
Marcus Casburn
Salt River Ramblers
Cory Thomas [Winner, Song of the Year]
The Briarhoppers
Phyllis Lynd
Bill Nowicki
Hamish Scott [Ireland]
J.D. Drew
Gus Rhein
Mark Colbert
W. Cole Potter
Mark Colbert
Dave Aaron
Mike Cook
Don Martin
Pussycat Dolls Present 2


Paul Corbin
Paul Whitehead
Terry Brown
Anthony Crawford
Joey Miskulin
Kathy Chiavola
Doc Watson
Jim Hoke
Tom T. Hall
Jerry Cupit
John Kunz
Lucy Mongrel
Dr. Ralph Stanley
Mark Howard
Jo Doster
Jim Sharp
Larry Cordle
Dan Helland
Paul Brown
Andy Reiss
Jeff Coffin
Roger Sovine [fmr VP BMI]
Frances Preston
Dr. Charles Wolfe (fmr)
Connie Bradley
Rosie White (Rosie Franklin)
Warren Rhodes
Michael Rhodes
George Tutco
Rex Begaye
Scat Springs
Randy Leroy
Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks)
Garth Fundis

Jody Williams [VP PW Relatioins, BMI]
Jack Lameier [fmr Exec VP SONY Records]
Steve Tveit - Scott Phillips - Scott Paschal
Peggy Bradley (fmr)
Johnny Gimble
Rick Money
Rhonda Vincent
Andrea Zonn
Grant Alden
Peter Blackstock
Sam Ramage
Sonny Osborne
Keith Case
George Gruhn
Dalia Garcia
Jon Yudkin
David Grier
Gerry Peters
Gil Veda (Luis Gilbert Sepulveda)
Salvador Guzman
Minnie Villanueva
Rafael Vasquez
Guy Clark & Travis Clark
Paul Craft
Rundi Ream
Robin Ruddy - Larry Sheridan
Jerry Vandiver
Phil Lister
Richard Adler
Jason Blume
Ron Cotton
Harold Bradley
Billy Decker

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