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former VP BMI Roger Sovine with George McClure
[l to r] fmr VP BMI Roger Sovine with George McClure

Harold Bradley, Pres AFM Nashville Local & George McClure in 2004
[l to r] Harold Bradley, Pres AFM Nashville with George McClure in 2004

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CREDITS INCLUDE Interscope Records, BMI, ASCAP, Warner Bros, CBS, CW Network, TNN Network, iTunes, XM, Wal*mart, and much mored.

Song demos SAMPLES are in secure shopping cart under "Demos" and "Custom Demos". Call for more information and thousands of samples.

Members of ASCAP, BMI, NARAS Recording Academy, Gospel Music Association (GMA), Harry Fox Agency, CCLI, Mensa, NMPA, AFM American Federation of Musicians, and many more!


        by McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd

CREDITS include Interscope Records, CBS TV, Warner Bros, CW Network TV, TNN Network TV with songs on XM, Dish Cable, iTunes, Muzak.

From satisfied customers...
"I had one other Demo made by another company. It was good, but it doesn't compare to the quality and service from McClure & Throwbridge. "
      Thanks again,
      Randy Burke

    "--George McClure, thank you SO much for the amazing work you did with my songs Yours and Ghost Town. The instrumentation was superb, the vocalist was amazing, the production quality was like that I would expect to hear on the radio from established country artists ... your production skills are vastly superior to the material I've heard from other companies and producers.
      Thank You,
      Cory Thomas, Winner Intl Song Fest"

DISCOUNT DEMO (Publisher Demo)
$225 up

Sample - Guitar / vocal
Sample - Guitar / vocal plus fiddle
Guitar and voice or keys and voice, basic professional demo for all purpose demonstration. "Insider demo" used by many publishers and songwriters. All styles. Buy 5 get 1 FREE
$225/ea for 3; $249/ea for 1
$100 Music written for your lyrics, to your specifications. You own the resulting song and music 100% - no cuts, no splits. All styles
Music writing only. Select demo in addition to writing.
CUSTOM DEMO (Full Band Demo)
$359 up

Custom Demo 1 - mp3
R&B 2 - w/ vocal mp3
R&B 3 - w/ vocal mp3
Custom Demo 4 - mp3
Full band demo with live drums, bass, keys, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocalist. All styles. Get 1 FREE with order of 5.
$359 for 4; $399 for 1; ONE FREE with 5
MASTER DEMO (A Team "Radio Ready" Demo)
$795 up

Master - Country - wav
Master - EuroPop - mp3
Master - Rock - mp3
Master "on the card" recording in major studio, with session musicians, producer, and session singer(s). This is a master recording suitable for airplay and release on CD.
2-song minimum, all styles, some styles such as pop are extra. $795/ea for 4; $895/ea for 3; $995/ea 2.


Additional info:

Discount song demo (Publisher demo) - Discount 'publisher' demo with guitar and studio vocal. Also available with piano and voice. Send a cassette or CD "rough demo" (it can be very rough). $225 for one in quantity or $249 for one. Order in secure shopping cart. (Please do not send attachments. Call or email first.)

Work For Hire (Have your lyrics set to music) - Have just lyrics and need music set to your words? No problem, select "Work For Hire" in the shopping cart. We have a pro writer create the music following your specifications. You own the resulting song (words and music) 100% - no splits, no cuts. This is the technical meaning of the term "Work For Hire" (WFH) as defined by the U.S. Library of Congress Copyright Office.

Custom Demo (Full band demo) - Send us cassette or CD rough with lyrics. (Please do not send attachments. Call or email first.) You get: Full band with pro studio voice, lead & rhythm guitars, keys, bass, drums - all live. Includes background vocals if you specify. Additional instruments (steel, woodwinds, horns, orchestra, fiddle, mandolin, banjo,...) are extra. Inquire for exact prices for your demos if you are adding instruments or multiple voices (duets, for instance.)

Custom Demos are full band state of the art song demos and are ready for all purpose presentation and promotion including showcasing. All styles from pop and gospel to country, jazz, and R&B. Price for each is $359 in quantity or $399 for one. (Contact us for volume discounts and specifics for your demo.) Order in secure shopping cart

A Team radio-ready demo (Master session demo) - Top A team players and singers are used to make your master demo. Master session players and singers that you hear on releases such as Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Jewel and so on. All live parts, four- or five-piece band minimum. Complete radio-ready master session recordings suitable for pressing, radio and digital release, and all demonstration purposes.

Pop, gospel, country, R&B, rock, and roots Americana A Team demos are $995 with a two song minimum. Some genres and styles (for example pop, jazz, classical, big band) are more expensive (there are more musicians and singers and it's more time intensive to record and mix). Recording and exact price quote depends on studio availability and number of instruments. Price in quantity $795 or $995 each (two song minimum on masters.) Contact us for exact price quote and volume discount rates. Order in secure shopping cart and call (615) 902.0509 to confirm details.

Work For Hire (WFH) demo (Professional writer writes music for your lyrics) - Complete the demo information form in the secure shopping cart. Your lyrics or poetry, in whatever state, set to music and custom demo'd. The phrase "work for hire" means you pay a writer to create the music for your lyrics. You own full rights to the work (the song), and no one has a percentage interest or cut in your song or its future earnings.
Add this option to any 'A' Team Demo, Custom Demo, or Discount Demo if you need your lyrics set to music. ('A' Team WFH is $200.)


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