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Dave Arthur & Rick Williamson
"Cowboys in Cyberspace"

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"I grew up on a farm in Southwestern Pennsylvania so I have always had an affinity with anything associated with the word Country. I know that spending my youth in this rich environment is what first inspired me to write poetry. From there it was a small step to learning how to play the guitar and songwriting - which has always been what I wanted to do. At this time, I also began writing short stories and would later go on to earn a degree in writing.

"When I was in my late twenties, I opened up a refrigeration business, a trade I pursued up until 1999, when I decided to seriously pursue my dream - songwriting.

"A few outside interests I have are: linedancing, star-gazing, philosophy, reading, horseback riding, camping, working out, flea marketing, working on the novel I'm writing, and white water rafting. I now reside in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania."

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