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Marty Campbell
Western Humorist and Singer/Songwriter

My music developed after years of entertaining as a western humorist. "A what?", you may ask. A western humorist -- similar to what Will Rogers did. I entertain audiences all over the Northwest in the United States.

I started by writing songs that I liked, and began playing them a little for some friends. Most of my songs are kind of an upbeat country sound. They're not George Strait traditional, but they're not Little Texas rock and roll either. I like to look at my music as a cross between George Strait and John Cougar Mellencamp.

As I began to play for my friends, they began to ask for tapes. In 1996, I broke my neck riding a bucking horse (I rode broncs through high school, college, and a little bit professionally). With no way to work and a million bills to pay, I started making really poor quality homemade tapes with a bunch of my songs on them. I sold the tapes for ten bucks a piece, and by selling them and doing some entertaining and leatherwork, I was able to keep the roof over my head.

It was then that I began trying to get my songs published. The only problem I found was that nobody would listen to them. Nobody would accept unsolicited submissions (over and over again). Finally, I just figured I would keep my songs to myself . However I realize that people really do like my music, and I can grab a crowd's attention with my lyrics and melodies. I constantly get requests for my music, and I know that I should be sharing the music God has blessed me with.

I continued, working on putting together a CD, which should be done by the middle of April. Until then, I continue to play and sing my songs every chance I get at open mic nights, cattlemen's banquets, ambassador's conventions, dorm parties, and about anywhere else you can think of. I would just love for the right person to hear one of my songs and take it further than I can here at home. So thanks for your help, and I look forward to your response.

Marty Campbell
email: Marty Campbell
62206 Peacock Road, La Grande, OR 97850
Telephone (541)962-0421.

CONTACT Marty Campbell HERE:

Marty Campbell
Telephone: (541)962-0421.
Mailing address: 62206 Peacock Road
La Grande, OR 97850

email: Marty Campbell
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