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Vicki J. Hinrickson

Growing up as a young student in a small western Iowa town, I always loved writing poetry -- especially if I could get the first line. But my first love at that time was music -- band, chorus, piano, etc. Then for many years after leaving school, all of that was put behind me because, well, it just didn't pay the bills. My experience with music for all those years was rock golden oldies, classical, easy listening, and so on -- anything but country.

Then I met a very special man who had been playing and singing traditional and country/western music all his life, and he drug me kicking and screaming into this wonderful genre of music. He was the first one who told me I should be singing ("beauty is in the ear of the listener") and the first to say, "Have you ever thought about writing a song?" Well, I hadn't but within seven days of losing him from my life to God's band, I wrote my first song, about his life on earth and heaven, and started singing with a small group at nursing homes and senior citizens jam sessions. And the songs have been coming ever since.

I write country and gospel songs, ranging from traditional to blues. Unfortunately, the problem is what to do with them now. I am in the planning stages of having a demo made, not only as a tool to submit these songs to the "powers that be", but also as an ongoing legacy to my children and grandchildren. (Yes, I'm a grandma -- but the little silver in my hair just matches the heart of gold!) That is my short-term goal. My long-term goal is to quit my day job and concentrate on the music.

Although I have written several songs (both music and lyrics) my favorites are "The Angel Choir's Goin' Country", "On Again, Off Again Love", "The Two-Steppin' Cowboy", "My Country Blues", "Your Fool", and "His Grace".

If any of you would like further information, please e-mail me at Vicki Hinrickson. Hope to hear from you.

Vicki Hinrickson
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