Legendary Western & Bluegrass Fiddler

Bobby Hicks foto - Fiddle Patch CD

There is not much you can say about Bobby Hicks that has not already been said. Recent articles in both Bluegrass Unlimited magazine and Bluegrass Now recently highlight a brilliant career in bluegrass and country music. While he may not look that old, Bobby became a Blue Grass Boy in 1954. He left Bill Monroe in 1960 to go out on his own, spending some time in Las Vegas and Reno with Porter Wagoner, Judy Lynn, and with his own band, the Bobby Hicks Show.

In 1978, Bobby recorded his first solo album Texas Crapshooter (County 772) which showcased both his bluegrass and Texas swing style fiddling. He was the first choice for the multi-album project, The Bluegrass Album Band, which included Todd Philips, Tony Rice, Doyle Lawson and J.D. Crowe. In 1980 he was recruited by Ricky Skaggs to form what became the nucleus of Skaggs’s Kentucky Thunder.

IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) awarded Bobby's Fiddle Patch album Instrumental Album of the Year, 1998, and Bobby is currently nominated for more honors.

Bobby Hicks' brilliant fiddle playing can be heard on George McClure's "CHAMPAGNE SATURDAY (Alien Love)" CD on Nashville's JIP Records.

Dale Potter, Bill Monroe, Bobby Hicks foto
[l-r Dale Potter, Bill Monroe, Bobby Hicks]

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