Charlie Chadwick
Nashville Bass Viol Player

Nashville Groups Charlie Plays With:

Dave Pomeroy All Bass Orchestra-97 to Present
Skinny Bones (Victor Mecyssne)-97 to Present
Gypsy Hombres Band-98 to Present
Jaime Hartford Band-96 to Present
Jim Hoke and Orchestra Bop-97 to Present
Sharon Moore Trio-98 to Present
Peter Rose and Big Swing-98 to Present
The Crockets-99 to Present
Bros. Grimm-99 to Present

Nashville Recordings, 1997:

Scott Foster-"This is Now"
Jaime Hartford-"What about Yes"-Palladin Records
For Kate's Sake-"Goody bag"
Vaughn Penn-"The World's Alright"


Steve Earl-"Me and The Eagle"-"The Horse Whisperer"- MCA
Robby Fulk-"My Tormentor"-MCA Records
Kathy Hussey-"If Wishes Were Horses"-Raku Records
Victor Mecyssne-"Hush Money"-Sweetfish Records
Melody Guy-"Ready for Sunshine"
Victor Mecyssne-"Farmers Almanac"
Tim O'Brien-"Farmers Almanac"
Gwendolyn Fields-"Fewer Threads Than These"


Cat and Edie-"Cat and Edie"
Lynne Ruttkay-"Entertaining Angels" (Producer)
Jim Hoke-"Hoke and Orchestra Bop"
Kenya Walker-"Alligator Purse"
Laurie McClain-"The Child Behind My Eyes" (Producer)
Ray Flacke-"Louie Shelton's Nashville Guitars"
Boomer Castleman-"Louie Shelton's Nashville Guitars"
Three Corners-"Delta"
Tracy Zeliot-"Spirit"
Connie Florence-"Turn Your Love"
Don Henry-"Flowers and Rockets"
Leon Russell-"Moonlight and Love Songs"
John D. Loudermilk-Not released
Buddy Spiker/Mike Loudermilk-Not released
Victor Mecyssne-Not released
The Crockets-"Naked"

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