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Tommy Hannum
Steel Guitarist, Studio & Touring Bandleader

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Tommy Hannum is the steel guitarist, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has led Ricky Van Shelton's band since 1994. Hailing from Maryland outside of Washington, D.C., he was exposed to rock, country, bluegrass, jazz and developed a love for them all. His start in the music business came in the 9th grade as lead singer of a rock and roll band. Picking up the guitar soon after, he moved on to steel guitar while attending college.

Songwriting became a passion during those times, as he spearheaded several bands with emphasis on original material. Tommy was fortunate enough to back the legendary Emmylou Harris, and record two albums with regional favorites The Rosslyn Mountain Boys. Since moving to Nashville, he has moved easily between the old school, contemporary country and artists on the cutting edge. Click here recording and live credits to see a partial listing.

"NOT ROCKET SCIENCE" is Tommy's recent instrumental project. Blending many of his influences in a diverse, engaging set of mostly self-penned compositions, his steel guitar spans the gaps between bluegrass, jazz, country, ballads and blues. To read what they've written about this album, please click here "Not Rocket Science" reviews.

"Page One" is a vintage collection of Tommy songs, mostly country, and including one instrumental.

"7 1/4" is a fiery album from the RVS band of 1996 who all wore the same hat size. A show case for the group's singing, writing, and instrumental prowess.

"SHELLTONES" was what someone yelled out as an earlier incarnation of Ricky Van Shelton's band hit the stage to sit in. The name stuck, and the band recorded some hot, pretty and swingin' instrumentals .

All these collections are available, each for $10.00 + $1.50 shipping from:

Clam Records Box 1935 Madison TN 37115

In addition to working Nashville recording sessions and the road shows with Ricky Van Shelton, Tommy operates a full service recording facility, QUEEN MARY STUDIO. Click here for rates, equipment, and other details.

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Clam Records, Dept. NASH
P.O.Box 1935, Madison, TN 37115

e-mail: TOMMY-H@TrowbridgePlanetEarth.com
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