L.D. (Rick) MONEY
Gifted Session & Touring Guitarist
[L.D. endorses Fender Instruments and GHS Strings]
[...and loves his new '56 Neck Fender Guitar made specially for him!]

L.D. is just coming off tour with Randy Travis when we speak in December 1998, and L.D. (known as "Rick" before he joined Tom T. Hall and was dubbed "L.D." by The Storyteller) is looking forward to his two weeks off before starting two album recording projects in January and February, and returning to his Grand Ole Opry weekend playing duties with Porter Wagoner.

A whirlwind of TV show tapings, live broadcasts, recording sessions from the West Coast to Nashville, and Grand Ole Opry weekends, enough to drive most anyone crazy, has characterized L.D.'s professional life this past year. He tours with Randy Travis, playing his 50 dates annually, and is recording on Randy's upcoming 1999 album in February. L.D. flew back and forth cross country taping Howie Mandel Live, all Darrel Singletary Prime Time TV Shows, and even appeared live at the Dallas Cowboys Half Time Show with 50 million viewing!

L.D. Money's gifted playing can be heard on another of his many projects, George McClure's "CHAMPAGNE SATURDAY (Alien Love)" CD on Nashville's JIPrecords.

L.D.'s career in Nashville started in the mid-70's when he relocated from his native Georgia and joined Tom T. Hall, touring three years, recording five albums, and playing the historic first home of The Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditoreum. Tom T. even wrote a song in L.D.'s honor, "The Son of Clayton Delaney".

Johnny Rodriguez and Waylon Jennings tours and albums kept L.D. busy through the next decade. He continued to work with Tom T., and recorded the song "The Mother Church of Country Music" with Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton, and Roy Acuff.

The Nashville Palace in 1983 saw L.D. join Randy Travis and play on Randy's first Nashville album, "Randy Ray Live"! (Remember that one?) L.D. tours and records with Travis today. 1989 was the year L.D. joined Porter Wagoner on the Grand Ole Opry, where he plays currently.

Songwriting and Arranging Credits
  • L.D. wrote "What In The Name Of Love", recorded in the Alabama Grammy & CMA "Album of the Year" Awarded album "The Closer You Get".
  • L.D. Money & Randy Travis wrote "Tonight I'm Walkin' Out The Blues", released on Warner Brothers.

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