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Critically Acclaimed Artist! On Tour Now In Texas & Florida!

"This album is highly recommended..." [Mike Gross, WVOF-FM] "...projects style and identity" "...a lot to enjoy" [BU]

- - with the Internet Hit "ALIEN LOVE (I Made Love To An Alien Last Night)". [mPulse.com]


George McClure - JIP Records

George McClure, Nashville touring artist, is the writer of "The Ballad of O.J.Simpson" and "Alien Love (I Made Love To An Alien Last Night"(tm).

McClure Appearances and Highlights Include:
  • October 1999: NeA "Music City Music" Showcase; Gibson Guitar Cafe, Nashville
  • May 1999: Album Showcase; Wolfy's, Nashville TN - On tour now in Texas and Florida
  • 1998: toured Houston, Ft.Worth/Dallas, Kansas City, Atlanta, Mobile/Pensacola, Charlotte/Winston-Salem/Greensboro, San Antonio
  • TNN Nashville Network TV Appearance "TNN Country News"
  • Nashville Banner feature article and "The Ballad of O.J.Simpson"
  • Summer Lights, Nashville
  • "grey-green skies" and "(Trauma,)" published by National Library of Poetry
  • Sunny Summer Blues album of original and old-time country (BU said "...projects a sense of identity", "...a lot to enjoy")
  • Paramount's The Thing Called Love (River Phoenix)
  • Variations On Theme, the first 5-string banjo improvisation guide

  • Take Me Back To Tulsa, Alien Love (I Made Love To An Alien Last Night), Across The Alley From The Alamo, Champagne Saturday, Can't Drown Your Memory, Wahoo, Gone With The Wind, Mass Grass, El Rancho Grande, El Lumino, America
    Contemporary Western swing and swing jazz, with the pop hit "Alien Love (I Made Love To An Alien Last Night)". Features Nashville legends Rick "L.D." Money, Bobby Hicks, Mark Schatz and others. David Grier, one of the planet's foremost acoustic guitarists, is featured in "Mass Grass", a first class treatment in acoustic jazz playing. "El Lumino", a swing jazz version of "Rudolf" with a bit of Spanish verse, blends with Tejano "El Rancho Grande" and the swing treatments throughout, lending a Southwestern feel to the album. (Even "Alien Love" mentions Roswell, NM.) Includes the Cowboy Poetry of S.G.Miller in "The Young, The Nomadic (Last Chance On The Prairie)".

[Alien Love(tm) is the registered TradeMark of McClure & Trowbridge Publishing.]

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