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Songwriter's Market Songwriter's Market - Michael Schweer, Ian Besler
1,400 Places to Market Your Songs - 460 pp - $17.49 (SAVE $7.50 - 30%!)
The book we always recommend FIRST to songwriters when they ask for information on writing, markets, publishers, how it works. . . Every writer should own it. Highly recommended.
Songwriters On Songwriting Songwriters On Songwriting - Paul Zollo
Expanded edition - 656 pp - $15.64 (SAVE $5.36 - 25%!)
From Bob Dylan through R.E.M., this is a collection of writers discussing their craft and techniques. Excellent - learn by and from their experience. Very popular.
The Craft and Business of Songwriting The Craft and Business of Songwriting - John Braheny
Insiders secrets - $17.59 (SAVE $4.40 - 20%!)
Braheny shares insiders' secrets to help songwriters make their work competitive in the marketplace by overcoming creative barriers, knowing the audience, handling the business and more.
"It's essential reading for anyone contemplating a career as a professional songwriter". -- Diane Warren, three-time ASCAP Songwriter of the Year
The Craft of Lyric Writing The Craft of Lyric Writing - Sheila Davis
Complete guide - Writer's Digest Books - 350 pp - $17.49 (SAVE $7.50 - 20%!)
With over 100,000 books in print, this successful author and songwriter provides a complete guide to writing words for and to music, showing how to create lyrics with universal appeal, choose a song form and more.
A Hard Day's Write A Hard Day's Write - Steve Turner
The Stories Behind Every Beatles' Song - Rvsd. ed. 224 pp - $25.00
A lavishly illustrated, rollicking account of the real people and events that inspired the Beatles' lyrics.
500 Songwriting Ideas 500 Songwriting Ideas (For Brave and Passionate People) - Lisa Aschmann
(For Brave and Passionate People) - 112 pp - $7.96 (SAVE $1.99 - 20%!)
Ever had writer's block? Ever thought you had an award-winning song right on the tip of your tongue and then lost it? How to get past that point . . . Popular.
Anthologies and Reference Guides
The Complete Handbook of Songwriting The Complete Handbook of Songwriting - Liggett, Liggett, & Liggett
340 pp - $11.16 (SAVE $2.79 - 20%!)
Written by authorities who know all the ins and outs of the music business, this complete guide covers everything about getting a song written, published, and produced. Glossary of industry terms. Appendices of company contacts and music publishers. Recommended.
How To Make and Sell Your Own Record How To Make and Sell Your Own Record - Diane Sward Rapaport
256 pp - $26.36 (SAVE $6.59 - 20%!)
The classic guide to making it as an independent in the music industry--now completely updated for the digital/Internet revolution. Highly recommended.
The Complete Beatles Lyrics The Complete Beatles Lyrics - Hal Leonard
183 pp - $15.96 (SAVE $3.99 - 20%!)
The Complete Beatles Lyrics is an amazing tribute to the most influential band in pop history. Includes the lyrics to every song Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr ever wrote and recorded. 183 song lyrics, 19 pages of photos, and a complete discography.
The Complete Lyrics of Ira Girshwin The Complete Lyrics of Ira Girshwin - Girshwin & Kimball
448 pp - $28.00 (SAVE $7.00 - 20%!)
Ira Girshwin's "lyrics are not only eye-opening, they are staggering in their versatility, charm, warmth, intelligence, and sheer beauty".-- [Christian Science Monitor] 54 photos.
The Ultimate Guitar Songbook The Ultimate Guitar Songbook - Hal Leonard
The complete resource for every guitar player! 240 pp - $14.36 (SAVE $3.59 - 20%!)
Ultimate sourcebook for guitar songs. Recommended.

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