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George McClure started playing and writing music in Southern Arizona, where he quickly taught himself five-string banjo, guitar, and learned to play bass viol and electric bass guitar from a friend. Within two years he was performing and in three had quit his day job, working the bars and clubs at night, teaching lessons by day. He wrote and published the first five string banjo book on improvisation, Variations on Theme, c.1980 S.G.Miller.

McClure absorbed the sounds around him in the rich cultural heritages of Sonoran Spanish, Tohono O'odham (Pima Indian), Mexican, Apache "Chicken Scratch" Bands, Mariachi, Ranch and Ranchero, bluegrass, country, and Western Swing and quickly took to writing prolifically. "Mass Grass", a lilting and moving soft jazz piece, was penned during this period, under the pseudonym S.G.Miller.

Later George founded Trowbridge Publishing while working in a Charlotte, NC recording/teaching studio, and continued his writing and performing. His eight year hiatus in the software and space industry ended with his resignation from NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, in fall 1991, and his relocation to Nashville TN. In Nashville he recorded his first album, Sunny Summer Blues, original and old time country and bluegrass. ["a lot to enjoy..." BU]

"McClure's America" (nee "Nashville Folks") is George's small variety touring show, which he built with the help of his friends Glenn Lehman, Harold Jones, Johnny Bellar, and many others. The crew toured 185 shows in 1996, covering 85,000 miles that year, and continues today.

Champagne Saturday, McClure's second album, is original and nouveau Western swing. ["...shows just how hot this cowjazz performer is..." Country Music Round-Up] George is now touring with his swing hot band,
"the Phreaktones"[tm], writing, and running his companies.

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