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The Eagle Cries
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"truly personal and beyond criticism."
[Dan MacIntosh, Renegade Newsletter]

"Charlie's deep clear voice propels the strong, patriotic song."
"The pride-inducing crescendo is powerful" [Renegade Newsletter]

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The Eagle Cries - lyrics & mp3
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The Eagle Cries

Charlie Golden has been a musician for some fourty years. He played the circuit in NY City and Long Island with his trio Fantasia III.

He put his performing career on hold to raise his children with his wife Rosie, who have been married 30 years. In 1999 he began writing songs again, touching the hearts of all who hear them. His songs tell evocative stories of family, friends, and life.

His latest work, "The Eagle Cries", is released nationally on JIP Records.

"The Eagle Cries" words and music by Charlie Golden September 14, 2001

"There's a teardrop fallen from the eagle's eye
As he circled 'round the New York sky
And he looked at the rubble and he wondered why
Innocent people had to die

"Now the eagle's eye was filled with pain
As he looked upon the burnt terrain
They knocked some buildings to the ground
But they ain't gonna keep America down

"'Cause We're America, there ain't no power can make us fall
'Cause We're America, where freedom reigns for one and all
'Cause We're America, united hand in hand across the land
One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all"

Charlie wrote and arranged the songs on The Eagle Cries CD single with bonus track Hey Little Fellas (JIP 5227).

Releases include:
"The Eagle Cries" on JIP Records - 5227

Visit Charlie Golden on JIPrecs.nu - JIPrecords Nashville under Artists, CDs, and free mp3.

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