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Proof Of Identity
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Jealousy Blues mp3
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Andy Martin is an English bluesman-songwriter now living and touring extensively in Italy. Andy has opened shows for and backed artists such as John Lee Hooker, Champion Jack Dupree, Memphis Slim, John Mayall, John Hammond and many others.

Andy is appearing live in concert with his band on Radio Nardo on March 22, broadcast from the Mata Hari Club, in downtown Lecce. Radio Nardo covers the southern half of Italy plus Sicily. Other appearances include numerous blues festivals in Italy with his four-piece band, with regular solo appearances as well.

Albums include:
"Alone" on Two Rivers Records (out of print)
"Alone Again", a tribute to the great country blues artists
"Proof of Identity", Andy's first Italian CD

Andy Martin's extensive press coverage and reviews in Italian include the influential Italian journal MUSICA JAZZ:
"Martin is the leader of a brilliant and flexible band. His music is firmly based in the blues but reveals many other influences.His warm, rich voice and mobile and powerful guitar playing, plus his lyrical intelligence have bought a welcome note of eloquence and maturity to the Italian blues scene. Martin is a blues storyteller."
[Translated extract fr. Musica Jazz]

Andy Martin's blues guitar is lyrical and powerful, and his songs express his deep understanding of the blues-rock form. On first listening, one has a tendency to dive through Andy's background looking for clues to where and how he learned. Andy is great - he's a master in blues rock. Highly recommended for all Americana, blues, rock, and country listeners. You won't be disappointed.

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