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Tammy Severs

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Tammy Severs, an imaginative lyricist, writes with musician and composer Magnus Ekelund. The team's compositions range from country through new age and pop.

Tammy has rediscovered her love for writing free verse poetry and short stories which include fiction, non-fiction, and children's literature. Stylistically the poems and stories she writes range widely.

Severs enjoys writing contemporary, country pop and new age songs. Magnus Ekelund and Severs have collaborated on several songs including "Fly Away My Little Dove", which was written for her son Ben Severs when he moved away from home; "My Dreams of Only You"; "It's Still Raining Outside"; "A Walk Through The Forest"; and " I Miss You".

"'Your Soul Last Forever' is also meant to inspire and bring hope", says Severs. "To remind us all that our precious earth is alive. Everything we see and touch that is natural. Not only do the wars cause us to lose our family and friends but also damages and destroys the environment completely around where it takes place, as well for miles and miles around. This hurts us all. This is not to say we are against America fighting back, only that life will forever go on making changes along the way and that we will have to fight to survive", says Tammy.

Four Ekelund-Severs songs are published by McClure and Trowbridge Publishing. Currently Tammy has completed over 1,500 poems and short stories.

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