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McTrow Ltd Associate Song Promotion Agreement:
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1. Up to three songs and lyric sheets shall be promoted, advertised, and publicized with the McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd Associate Plan.
2. McTrow Ltd shall promote your materials to publishers, producers, and record labels (your choice of which or all three) on your behalf.
3. You stipulate geographic region, e.g. Nashville, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Chicago, &c. or national or Canada and U.S.
4. You provide CDs and lyric sheets printed with your complete contact information; e.g. Name, mailing address, phone numbers, Fax number, and email addresses. Interested parties will contact you directly.
5. You decide the number of companies you'd like us to pitch to. There are approximately 500 Nashville publishing companies in our database. We recommend starting with 50 or 100, clustered in one geographic region.
6. The cost is $4.00 per CD/lyric sheet pitched, in check, money order, or VISA/MC.
7. There are no guarantees, however we get good results on pitches for songwriters.
8. Submitting Associate Application signifies you attest and agree to these terms.

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