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George McClure What is the Trowbridge Song Coop?
The Trowbridge Song Cooperative is a group of associated songwriters and musicians who reap greater benefits from Internet exposure and use of their music online. As with any cooperative, members have a voice in how things are done and how the coop is maintained.

How does the Trowbridge Song Coop work?
Writers and Associates share Coop benefits including:
a.) pitching Coop member's entire personal catalog, purely at the member's discretion, via McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd
b.) dividend earnings derived from and based on downloads of member's mp3 on www.TrowbridgePlanetEarth.com
c.) at-cost recording, mastering, and associated services in Nashville and NYC
d.) input as to how the Coop is maintained and operated

Trowbridge Song Coop benefits are available to Trowbridge Writers and Associates only.

How do I obtain earnings from the Song Coop?
Sites like JIPrecs.nu and TrowbridgePlanetEarth.com pay for click, listen, download, email, and other online activity. Song Coop members are paid earnings garnered through such online activities associated with the member's songs and mp3.

I am interested in learning more about the Trowbridge Song Coop, Writers, and Associates. Please contact me.

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