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"Submitting Your Web Blog To Search Engines"

George McClure Keeping your name, songs, and lyric pages in the major search engines can be as simple or as involved as you like. Individuals and entire companies specialize in search engine submittal and placement services, however you can do it yourself following a few simple steps every few weeks or so.
Caveat! Do not oversubmit! Search engines will ban your URL! Submit no more frequently than twice a month. Submit only one or two URLs per day,

The simplest approach is to use a free automated submittal service. Learn a few techno terms if you haven't already:
URL - "Uniform Resource Locator" - This is the web address in your 'Location' or 'Go To' box above your web page in your browser.

(1.) Find your blog page URL; visit your page, then copy the URL
(2.) Select an automated submittal service:
SubmitPlus Top 10 - Top 10 Search Engines - "Quick and Easy"

(3.) Paste your URL and email into the submittal form.
Example: Paste "http://TrowbridgePlanetEarth.com/T2/T2C1/GMcClure/AlienLove.html" into the submittal form. (Use YOUR URL.) Fill in your email address, and any other information they request. Click and go.

Search engines get millions of URL requests daily and can't list all of them. However, if you are diligent, your pages will be listed with AltaVista, LookSmart, DogPile, and so on. Engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Canada are notoriously difficult for listings. It's important to submit twice a month since engines drop listings automatically.

What about getting listed by keywords?
Making your blog pages come up in keyword searches can be very challenging. Strive to come up in searches on your song titles and your name, in the "easy" search engines like LookSmart, SearchHound, AltaVista, and so on. Then you can tell your friends and fans "Just go to AltaVista and search on "my song" and you'll find me!"

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