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"SNOOP DOGG" - Interviews
snoop dogg picture [compiled by McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd.]

"> What are you writing about now?
Snoop: Um, love, happiness, um, the same scenarios all over again, repeating itself, breaking the chains, trying to be more educational with myself and not really trying to give you a message. " More » » »

"KID ROCK" - Interviews
Kid Rock picture [compiled by McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd.]

"His name is Kiiiiid, his latest single is called "American Bad Ass," and VH1 recently ranked his video as one of the top "Bad Asses" of all time. But talking casually to Rock . . . " More » » »

"KENNY CHESNEY" - Interviews
Kenny Chesney picture [compiled by McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd.]

"Kenny Chesney built his career the old-fashioned way: one step, one hit, and one gold record at a time. With his fifth album just released, he has proven that hard work and dedication are the keys to success. . . " More » » »

"GEORGE McCLURE" - Interviews
[l - r] Anthony Crawford, George McClure picture [compiled by McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd.]

"George McClure worked his first studio sessions doing radio spots in Sun Studios, Tucson AZ in 1978. With sessions numbering over a thousand, McClure worked at. . . " More » » »

"BEATLES - Lennon McCartney" - Interviews
John Lennon picture [compiled by McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd.]

"The main songwriting team in the Beatles was John Lennon and Paul McCartney--especially in the formative early stages of their career. Although George Harrison wrote several important songs. . . " More » » »

"CARLY SIMON" - Interview & Bio
Carly Simon [compiled by McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd.]

"From 'You're So Vain' to penetrating narratives, Simon is considered a songwriter's songwriter and a pop fan's dream . . . " More » » »

"MICHAEL JACKSON On Songwriting" - Interview Excerpts
Michael Jackson [compiled by McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd.]

"Songwriting is a very frustrating art form. You have to get on tape exactly what's playing inside your head. When I hear it up here [points to his head], it's wonderful . . ." More » » »

[c.2002; McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. Any use is a violation of Federal Law.]
Where your royalties come from: Performance and airplay royalties. Mechanical and synchronization licenses. Recording and compulsory licenses . . . More » » »

"SONG CONTRACTS and Signing With Your Publisher"
[c.2002; McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd]
Rules of thumb, single song contracts, reversion clauses, and staff writer contracts . . . More » » »

Jewel Jewel BIO: Raised in the Alaskan backwoods, singer-songwriter Jewel began appearing with her parents at the age of six, yodeling as an integral part of their folk act, and then replaced her mother as her father's singing partner when her parents split up . . .

Interview: We know you're not surfing lately, but what are you doing in your spare time?
Jewel: I don't have any. I've been on the road since I was eighteen. I did the film right after touring. I did a record right after the film. You know maybe I had three days in between things. I'm home maybe two weeks a year and that's not all together. That's like two days here, one day there - things like that. I figure I'll do that for another four years and then layback. More » » »

"PIRACY AND MUSIC" - COURTNEY LOVE's Digital Hollywood Online Entertainment Conference Delivery
Courtney Love "Today I want to talk about piracy and music. What is piracy? Piracy is the act of stealing an artist's work without any intention of paying for it. I'm not talking about Napster-type software. I'm talking about major label recording contracts . . . More » » »

More Courtney News» » »


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