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His name is Kiiiiid, his latest single is called "American Bad Ass," and VH1 recently ranked his video as one of the top "Bad Asses" of all time. But talking casually to Rock at a Manhattan diner, you'd never know this is the same guy who brings porno stars onstage and drinks enough to drown the state of Texas. Not that he doesn't look the part in wraparound sunglasses and tight, ripped jeans, Rock looks every bit the rock star, but he speaks with the laid back amiability of a proud farm boy giving a guided tour of his vegetable fields. talked to Rock about the joys of fatherhood, the pride of passing on wisdom, and the difficulty of ordering fast food. You've just released a collection of re-recorded old tracks, and you have this mega tour coming up with Metallica, Korn, and others. Any other big plans for the summer?

Kid Rock: My main goal right now is to balance my life, making sure I have enough time with my son. I also want to get better as a songwriter and a performer, and help other people with their careers. You've recently released the debut Uncle Cracker record on your label, Top Dog?

KR: I've had Top Dog for 10 years now, and I finally have the business side of it worked out to where I can give people I believe in a fair shot.. I'm not into just finding an act, I also [enjoy] shaping that act musically, socially, and in every way. I want to utilize everything I've learned to help them, and hopefully I can [work with] some good songwriters and really talented people. My focus is gonna be talent, not gimmicks. What do you mean?

KR: It would be so simple for me to put out a couple of heavy bands that rap.and sell 500,000 records. But it's good music that I wanna be remembered for, whether I've done it myself, or helped other people do it. Who is Uncle Kracker, and how'd you discover him?

KR: He's my DJ. He's been like my son for 10 years. He's been by my side the whole way. He was the guy who would go get me cigarettes or pay for McDonald's when I didn't have any money. He paid attention the whole way and he is a very smart kid. He's a great songwriter, which a lot of people don't know. He co-wrote "Only God Knows Why," "Cowboy," and pretty much all of Devil Without a Cause with me. Have you found yourself at all overwhelmed by the volatility of the rock 'n' roll rollercoaster?

KR: No, man, it's great. I totally indulge in that shit when I'm on the road, and then when I get home, it's time to be myself. I live 40 miles outside Michigan in the middle of the woods, and I get home as much as possible. I think I'm doing a very good job being there for my son, who I raise by myself. It's very tempting to go out and play 60 shows this summer and make $20 million, but instead I'm only gonna play for three weeks because I want to spend time with him. There are just some things that are more important than money and music. What's the last thing he did that brought a smile to your face?

KR: We went bowling the day before I came to New York. He gets frustrated because he throws [the ball] in the gutter each time. I got up there and showed him the "two hander between the legs shot" [Rock's son is 6 =]. He did it and hit a few pins, and he was all psyched and slapped me a high five. Stuff like that is so cool. What's something that die-hard Kid Rock fans would be surprised to learn about you?

KR: Not only am I a hard worker, but I'm probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet. People always go, "Man, I thought you were gonna be a dick." But one thing I've learned is people are usually very much the opposite of their image. I mean, I am all that when I'm up on the stage, and if someone disrespects me, I'll be the first to lash out at them. But I'm not into being a bad person. Offstage, I'm really a nice, genuine, normal person. I like Big Macs and Budweiser. Any strange or surreal things happen to you lately?

KR: It's getting funny goin' through the McDonald's drive-through. I always get my kid a Happy Meal or something, and I'm trying to hide, but people totally nail me. Then they forget to give me the right food because they all just stand there gawking. That happens every time.

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