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[20 September 2000]
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"Ballad Of American Steel" Goes To House of Representatives Caucus

Tom Johnson
's The Ballad Of American Steel is going to Washington, DC with Independent Steelworkers Union President Mark Glyptis to the Congressional Steelworkers Caucus Briefing with House of Representatives. Feds want to remove price controls on imported steel, allowing undercutting U.S. steel market prices, jobs, and families.

The Ballad Of American Steel details the impending political problems and social trauma for Americans should foreign steel undercut, and replace, domestic steel manufacturing. Steel is an American backbone industry and Johnson has grave concerns of lost jobs and misplaced families and segments of society. A 35 year veteran steel man, Tom speaks and sings with an insider's view and first hand knowledge of the impending crisis.

Listen for The Ballad Of American Steel on Mike Wood's Boiling Point!, a one hour talk/music radio program on Cincinnati's WAIF 88.3 FM, Saturdays from 11:00 to noon. Listen for an interview with Tom Johnson. Call (513) 961-4348 to talk on the air!

Tom Johnson is a West Virginia steelworker and singer-songwriter. With an insider's view and knowledge of the steel industry, it was natural for him to compose The Ballad of American Steel in 1985 when American steel was first threatened by foreign markets.

"Grew up in a small town, by the mountains and the hills and the plains, down in those smokey valleys, that the workers of the steel mills made.

"Now they're going to shut those places down, and I don't like the way it makes me feel, been making steel for a hundred years, and I think we got a rotten deal."

Tom works in Weirton Steel; Weirton, WV

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