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[01 June 2001]
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (McClure & Trowbridge Publishing)
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"BMG Label Group - Nashville Insider News"

RE: Music Row Insider News
    BMG Announces Losses for 2001

Announced 06/01/01 in the Nashville Tennessean, the 
massive Bertelsmann MG entertainment company is 
losing money for all of 2001.  

BMG Label Group includes RCA, Arista, and BIA in Nashville 
TN as well as huge holdings globally in entertainment.

Bertelsmann failed to reach satisfactory merge terms 
with a UK conglomerate earlier this year, attempting to 
stave off their losses.

RE: Insider BMG RCA Arista News
    Nashville TN

George McClure visited BMG-RCA Nashville offices recently, 
and found an armed guard at the entrance (no receptionist, 
just an armed guard.)  

McClure was dropping off a resume/vita with his extensive 
hard-hitting computer and music credentials, for Sam Ramage 
(Senior A&R Director, RCA BMG Label Group)and HR.  

We received a letter from HR (Human Resources) dated May 16, 
which reads, in part, "Your extensive skills and experience 
would undoubtedly be an asset to our company, however, at 
the present time..."

Two strikes against Ramage.  We called HR today and spoke 
with representatives.  We explained that BMG's position 
is not looking good, with the digital revolution in music 
and major labels dropping like flies.  We pointed out the 
Tennessean announcement of losses for BMG for the entire 
year of 2001. 

Paul (the HR rep) said "there is no evidence that the 
country music market has caught up to pop and rap in 
the digital movement."  Translation: "we don't think 
country music fans are using digital music media." 


George McClure, President
McClure & Trowbridge Publishing

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