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[18 October 2004]
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd)


[Nashville, TN - USA] Trowbridge NEWS BRIEF 18 October 2004 Nashville TN

I. Royalties / CCLI
II. Songs needed
III. Growth perspectives

I. Trowbridge Publishing and Omnivore writers are receiving Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) earnings on songs joining the global Praise & Worship network. We are proud of the company's alliance with CCLI and we are proud of our writers, and especially that their songs are shared and enjoyed by tens of thousands through our efforts.

BMI's new President and CEO, Del Bryant, reports that BMI paid out $573M in royalties during fiscal 2004. This is the largest payout ever by a domestic PRO. BMI has added comprehensive accounting of U.S. radio airplay online.

Additionally, BMI's October statements include royalties for digital jukebox and digital network use by companies such as Ecast, Touchtunes, and Dish Network.

Be sure to hook up with's digital download programs if you have your own releases. They are trying.

II. Calls for songs! The company is reviewing songs for Contemporary Christian album projects; a female country/pop project; and ongoing for Latin/country for both female and male singers.

Obtain a Control Number online before submitting (nonconforming submissions are refused or destroyed.)

III. Reflecting McClure & Trowbridge Publishing's growing stature, it is reported that the company is listed in recent "Songwriters Market" publications. "Songwriters Market" has been one of the standard industry reference books for over twenty five years, and is still considered a songwriter's 'bible'.

McTrow Ltd comprises five divisions, each growing heartily. Publishing includes Trowbridge Publishing (BMI) and Omnivore (ASCAP). Record labels include JIP (Just Iss Planetary) Records and the subsidiary label Artist Choice CD.

Other divisions are Artist Careers Inc, an artist agency; the Song Shopping Center[tm] music services company; and Nashville Star Search[tm]. Get your CDs pressed for as low as .037/unit and demos in all styles of music with our full faith and happiness guarantee.

Nashville Star Search[tm] this year expands to include the Nashville School of Music[tm] for an integrated 8-day intensive training course culminating in showcases on the Nashville Star Search stage. The "practicum" style hands-on learning involves participants' choice of recording techniques in live Music Row sessions; writing songs with pro writers and performing them on stage; commercial singing technique and lessons; and piano/guitar lessons.

Included are sessions on management, booking, performing, sound systems, and more. SEE and for details. Register online.

I'd like to thank every one of you - writers, customers, clients, and friends in the industry - for being there and being a part of the McClure & Trowbridge Publishing success. One of the most gratifying jobs I have is writing checks to our writers for royalties and residual earnings. A writer myself, I know how much it means to be recognized and rewarded with that paycheck for your creative talents.

Hands down, the single most rewarding - and memorable - events for me are when we get feedback like "You're an angel in disquise. I must thank you and tell you how much I appreciate you. God Bless you" [Anita Duvall] and "Just wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff..." [Lara].

Finally, speaking of staff, I extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Amanda, Rachel, Andrew, Riffat, David, Narika, Deb, and Jeannie for their efforts and hard work during the last season.

george mcclure, CEO & President

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