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[18 November 2002]
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd)


[Nashville, TN - USA]

McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd announces today GEORGE McCLURE is in first round nomination for the Recording Academy's GRAMMY AWARD for Producer of the Year [45'th first round].

McClure piloted and produced three album and single projects concerning the September 11 tragedy, "Through The Eagles Eyes" (T.J. Houston) and Imelda Roberts' "We Saw The Best In You" among them. One cut includes the Nashville Childrens Choir and a Spanish translation by McClure.

The Nashville producer and publisher was originally a banjoist and writer, and is author of the first five-string banjo instruction book on improvisation ever written ("Variations On Theme", c.1980.) He is also the writer of "I Made Love To An Alien Last Night" and "The Ballad Of O.J. Simpson", the latter featured in the Nashville Tennessean and on TNN "Country Music News" Nashville Network TV in 1994.

McClure's online dossier at includes letters, press, and an online work-in-progress autobiography "Iridescent Poppies And Lollipop Mommies". (It's worth the visit.)

Called "a true original" by his peers, others say "he has a way of making every song his own". His songs appear on Muzak and Digital Cable (Dish TV).

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