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[11 November 2004]
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"GEORGE McCLURE is "Producer of the Year" GRAMMY AWARD Contender

[Nashville, TN - USA] GEORGE McCLURE is "PRODUCER OF THE YEAR" GRAMMY AWARD contender in the 47'th Academy. (See #138 in Field 27, Producer of the Year, Non-classical.)

McClure produced the BAND OF WRITERS "American Pride" album, released May 2004, comprising original patriotic country songs from writers across the U.S., some of whom are Brenda O'Brien (winner of Song Search) and marine Adam Marshall who is home from fighting in Iraq and sings "Come Home As Fast As You Can" on the record.

Originally from Tombstone, Arizona, George McClure records and produces with depth and vision. Critically acclaimed Lucy Mongrel (alt/world) is a McClure act. Lucy Mongrel (Kate Hart - of 'Detroit Women' fame) garnered Grammy Nominations for "Best New Artist" and "Best Alternative Album". McClure produces pop/country, pop, roots/gospel, Latin, and TexMex.

Artist Careers Inc, JIP Records, and the original Nashville Star Search[tm] are McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd companies.

McClure, a prolific writer, appeared on TNN Nashville Network TV and in a Nashville Tennessean article on his "Ballad Of O.J. Simpson". "Alien Love" (the original alien love song), two books, and a musical are other McClure creations.

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