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[15 May 2002]
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd)
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15 May 2002
McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd
Nashville TN

[Nashville, TN - USA] McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd announces today new corporate plans as OMNIVORE ASCAP, their new ASCAP publishing company, is unveiled.

The closely held new corporation joins the growing independent music company ranks in Nashville Tennessee, as publisher of roots Americana, country, Latin, and R&B. Lucy Mongrel (two Grammy nominations last fall) and Charlie Golden (emerging family singer/songwriter "The Eagle Cries") are two of the company's acts.

See the company's corporate website here Complete with news archives, news wire feed, catalogs with mp3 and licensing online, McClure & Trowbridge continue to forge new business methods in the cyclic music publishing and recording industry.

"The corporation exemplifies the new business model in America - we are a virtual corporation", McClure says. "Employees work in their own homes and cities, as far away as Bombay India, Massachusetts, and Arizona, linked by the web and telecommunications."

The company has over 110 songs licensed. Since October 2001, they have completed three record albums. Fresh approaches, with faithful representations of traditional works, mark the company's track record.

McClure, a former NASA space scientist and banjoist, and author of the first five-string banjo instruction book on improvisation ever written (Variations On Theme, c.1980), left his Houston computer research scientist position in 1991 and returned to Nashville to tour, record, and run McClure & Trowbridge Publishing full time.

Trowbridge Publishing was founded in 1983. McClure is also the writer of "I Made Love To An Alien Last Night" and "The Ballad Of O.J. Simpson", the latter featured in the Nashville Tennessean and on TNN "Country Music News" Nashville Network TV in 1994.

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