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[07August 2002]
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd)

"Trowbridge Symposium 2002 Showcases Writers and Talent"

[Nashville, TN - USA]

Promoted on WFSK 88.1 FM and WHEW 1380 AM "La Ley", the Trowbridge Symposium 2002 August 23 - 24 - 25, showcases songwriters and talent and features Nashville bands like Som Brasileiro, nominated for NAMM Jazz Album of the Year.

The Symposium is at the Nashville Airport Marriott on Elm Hill Pike and Briley Parkway (615 889.9300). Songwriters Guild of America is coordinating songwriter and music business workshops with Nashville hit writers like Jerry Vandiver and Jerry Cupit leading special sessions.

Other talent appearing includes JaLeo from Washington DC and Nashville groups Sophisticated Fiesta and Lew E Lew. Music spans country, roots, R&B, Latin, and adult contemporary.

Exhibitors include publishers, record labels, producers and managers. Awards show is Sunday with trophies and awards. Videos of showcase segments will be available.

For DIRECTIONS and TICKETS see or call (615) 902.0509   1(800) 484.1068 ext.2255

Listen for FREE TICKETS on WFSK 88.1 FM and WHEW 1380 AM

$20 COUPONS IN "La Campana" -- $40 COUPONS IN Tower Records, Turtle Records, and Seanachie's.

For more information:

Contact (615) 902.0509
Miig Minager, Director Public Relations
Trowbridge Symposium 2002
P.O. Box 70403 - Nashville - TN - 37207

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