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[09 April 2011]

Nashville Innovator George McClure - The Breakers on "Deadliest Catch" - News Update
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"Miles Away" in Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch Series

THE BREAKERS song "Miles Away" is featured in Discovery TV's The Deadliest Catch series. The song is signed to Nashville publisher Omnivore ASCAP joining a catolog of thousands of songs by 110 writers from the U.S., Canada, Europe and the U.K Omnivore is one of the McClure & Trowbridge Publishing family of companies which includes Trowbridge Publishing BMI and JIP Records (Just Iss Planetary Records.)

    SEE THE BREAKERS "Deadliest Catch" youtube clip and CD "Songs For Young Executives"

Other BREAKERS credits include film soundtrack in Best Laid Plans; recording at famed Memphis Sun Studios; and Mid-South Grammy's. SEE Complete information and links.

George McClure is a Leader in Innovation with 18-Year Track Record In Nashville

An 18-year innovator in Nashville, George McClure's credits include Pussycat Dolls 2 on Interscope Records and CBS TV along with features in the Tennessean and appearances on TNN Nashville Network TV for his writings such as "The Ballad of O.J. Simpson" and "Mis Pensamientos". McClure created Trowbridge Symposium - Nashville Star Search TM in 2002, and Nashville School of Music ® in 2005. Another company narrowed the focus of Nashville Star Search TM a few years later and launched their version on major network television, using a similar - but different - name.

"Simon [Cowell] called me with invitation to work with him in the first years of American Idol, but I was too busy with my own projects to get involved with him then" said George in an interview this week. "I'm a little independent and often prefer to make my own road rather than travel someone else's" he said.

McClure toured full time in the 90's with his combo "McClure's America" and appeared on TNN Nashville Network TV and in a feature by Beth Stein in the Nashville Tennessean, both in 1994. He is author, songwriter, and poet. (See Credits.) McClure & Trowbridge Publishing was the first publisher with their entire Catalog of lyrics and mp3 online, in May 1998. They were at least three years ahead of Harry Fox Agency in providing online licensing. Works are licensed for uses as diverse as skate board industrials and independent video to new artist recordings.

News Update

Dr. Bruce Mills is on PBS TV with his song "Another Christmas Eve"

Bruce Mills, from Nova Scotia and also signed to Omnivore, is airing on PBS TV with his The Lights Of Christmas song "Another Christmas Eve", produced by George McClure and recorded with cello (Jon Yudkin), piano (Mike Rojas), and bass (Dow Tomlin) in Nashville TN. Vocals feature the lovely Kim Parent known as singer with Brooks & Dunn and seen on CMT TV The Singing Bee.

SEE "The Lights Of Christmas" CD with mp3 clips and notes.

Other McTrow Ltd songs are on Dish Cable TV, Muzak, and XM Radio. Walmart digital supports JIP Records patriotic releases Sis Boom Bah and American Pride and the Christian catalog draws useage in churches around the world. JIP (Just Iss Planetary) Records is a thriving Nashville independent record label including pop, gospel, country and R&B music.

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