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[15 March 2001]
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Company News & Update - McClure & Trowbridge Publishing

Bringing you up to date on some activities at McClure & Trowbridge Publishing - we have over 72 songs recorded and released (around seven are not online yet.) Trowbridge songs are on Digital Cable TV and Muzak. And, one song is published in a music insruction book, with two songs printed in poetry collections (National Library of Poetry) on the strength of their lyrics alone. (See writers Dan Hill and SGMiller.)

As you know, we do a few things other publishers just don't do. One of these is reporting recording/release info online for the Trowbridge Catalog. (You can find these statistics in the Writer biblio-index tables.)

Another thing McClure & Trowbridge Publishing does is work heavy online promotion for our writers. Press Releases go to over 5,000 fans, industry magazines and companies, and news sources - online Features "Who's News", "Today's News", and "Featured Songwriter" are seen by millions. News archives of Trowbridge press releases and articles keep writers informed. ( received 429,508 hits in September 2000.)

Yet a third way McClure & Trowbridge Publishing demonstrates their leadership in music publishing is through PAYING DIVIDENDS EARNINGS TO OUR WRITERS FOR THEIR LYRICS AND MP3 ONLINE. February 28, 2001 marked the second payment made to Trowbridge writers for online earnings. We believe Trowbridge is unique in this regard. Writers share in the vision "Global in scope, cooperative in spirit."

We describe the nature of our publishing activities in "Submit Your Songs" Sometimes it's remarkable who doesn't read this and check our online stats for recordings and royalties earnings. Take the time to read these online resources, and be sure to check Members as well. There is a wealth of information including tips, interviews, techniques, and forum available for you.

McClure & Trowbridge Publishing started as a roots country/Americana song source, and has grown to include Latin, worldbeat/folk, R&B smooth soul/urban, and alt rock/easy listening. Our writers are a prolific lot, and we tend to continue to publish their songs as they move through their careers. And we help them with album releases and sales when they are recording artists.


George McClure, President
McClure & Trowbridge Publishing

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