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[01 January 2002]
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (McClure & Trowbridge Publishing)
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"Writer and Industry Update"

Since we spoke, Trowbridge affiliate JIP records has signed contracts for two new releases, The Eagle Cries single by Charlie Golden, and United We Stand - Lady Liberty patriotic CD. These releases open more doors for Trowbridge writers and JIP artists. Watch and listen for these releases.

Recently our erstwhile friends and business associates TMR Records, Nashville, have moved their new country single into a rising #53 (and rising) on the New Music and Gavin country charts. What is exciting about their campaign and activities is that they have succeeded in adding a few independent radio stations, to the fourty vacant reporting station slots, reporting to BMI and ASCAP.

This means that now independent radio stations, not controlled by the major label corporations, who spin independent artists, will participate more than ever in BMI and ASCAP royalty reporting for writer earnings. Heretofore it was possible for a song to get heavy rotation on nine out of ten radio stations with little royalties earnings, since the spins were not reported to BMI and ASCAP.

Part of the changing face of music in the digital era, royalties earnings and reporting reform is only one issue McClure & Trowbridge Publishing supports. See the News Archives for more information and stories.


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