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George McClure

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GEORGE McCLURE CREDITS                        

Dr. George McClure received his Honorary Doctor of Musical Arts, June 2019, Nashville School of Music. He toured fulltime from Nashville for a decade, then founded a successful Nashville music company, McClure & Trowbridge Publishing, and produced some 50 albums and artist master demos. He is the author of Variations On Theme, the first improv guide for 5-string banjo, and “I Made Love To An Alien”, an internet hit in Japan.

George McClure worked his first studio sessions doing radio spots in Sun Studios, Tucson AZ. With sessions numbering in the thousands, McClure has worked primarily in Nashville studios since 1992 . (See Official George McClure)

McClure transcribed Vivaldi, Mozart, and Bach for acoustic ensembles, and is the writer of "The Ballad of O.J. Simpson", featured in the Nashville Tennessean. George next appeared live on CMT-TNN Nashville Network TV with 240 Million viewers. Then his "Alien Love" was an internet download hit in Japan.

A prolific writer, George is the author of 5 albums, a musical, two books, and music ranging from swing jazz and neo-classical through gospel, Latin, and country. One step along the way (and early on), lifetime musician George took an eight year hiatus during which he earned his third university degree and was a space scientist at NASA Houston, perhaps the most prestigious day job in music history. It was only a day job, however, and before long he returned to his lifetime career touring and writing fulltime in Nashville TN.

XM - Interscope Records - Warner Bros - CBS TV "Pussycat Dolls 2" - CMT
WMA - BMI - ASCAP - NARAS - Harry Fox Agency - AFM

    Live Performance * 1500 Shows

    • - Red River Brewing Co.
    • - Mesa Brewery, Taos
    • - Community Center, Tucson
    • - Hermann's Ballroom, Houston
    • - Greune Hall, New Braunfels
    • - Toured 1992 - 2001 "McClure's America" and "the Matadors", 3 time zones, 185+ shows a year. Tired of booking and driving, George next focused on independent record production and song publishing and built a successful Nashville music company. SEE LIVE MUSIC CREDITS
    • - CMT-TNN Appearance, 240 million viewers
    • - Feature in the Nashville Tennessean
    • - Download hit in Japan with "Alien Love"
    • - BB King's Nashville * Soupy Gato Show
    • - Gruene Hall, New Braunfels * CMA Fest Nashville
    • - Best New Male Vocalist - NAMM Golden Music Awards Nominee
    • - Vocalist of the Year - Academy of Western Artists Nominee

    Books Albums CDs & DVDs [George McClure albums and GM on Other]

    • - DIRTY GEORGE; JIP-6666
    • - FREEDOM TRAIN; George McClure; JIP-5327
    • - PLAYBOY SWING 2; George McClure; JIP-8007 - remix / remaster / new tracks
    • - PLAYBOY SWING; George McClure; JIP-7007
    • - CHAMPAGNE SATURDAY (ALIEN LOVE); George McClure; JIP-7207
    • - Variations On Theme; SGMiller; self. The improv book for 5-string banjo.

    • - "Sunshine Of Our Love"; guitar; JIP-5361-09 "FALSE LOVE"
    • - "The Bells Of Bethlehem"; guitar; JIP-7214-09 "THE LIGHTS OF CHRISTMAS"
    • - "TICKLIN' THE STRINGS"; George McClure; JIP-5351 GOD THE CREATOR and JIP-5959 SOME DAY
    • - "Best Friend"; banjo & guitar; AC-7517-US "COCAINE AND BRANDY DAYS"
    • - "Freedom Don't Come Free"; narr. G. McClure; JIP-5349 "AMERICAN PRIDE"
    • - "The 4'th Of July (Wasn't Always This Way)"; narr. G. McClure; JIP-5349 "AMERICAN PRIDE"

    Arrangements [George McClure]

    • "Playboy Swing"; C. Cambedda; in JIP-7007
    • "Take Me Back To Tulsa"; B.Wills & T.Duncan; in JIP-7207
    • "Wahoo!"; C.Friend; in JIP-7207 and JIP7307-EP
    • "Across The Alley From The Alamo"; J.Greene; in JIP-7207
    • "El Lumino"; J.Marks; in JIP-7207

    Songs Released and In Print [George McClure]

    • "The Hard Rock Blues (Fornication Blues)"; SG Miller; in JIP-6666 DIRTY GEORGE
    • "Columbo (That Son-of-a-Bitch Columbo)"; PD; in JIP-6666 DIRTY GEORGE
    • "Alien Love"; George McClure; in JIP-6666 DIRTY GEORGE
    • "Bang-Bang Lucy"; George McClure; in JIP-6666 DIRTY GEORGE
    • "Earl's Nightmare (Kumquat Blues)"; SG Miller; in JIP-6666 DIRTY GEORGE
    • "Bodacious - A Requiem (Dia de los Muertos - The Matador)"; George McClure; in JIP-6666 DIRTY GEORGE
    • "Zarathustra - Portsmouth Sinfonia"; George McClure; in JIP-6666 DIRTY GEORGE
    • "Help Song"; George McClure; in JIP-6666 DIRTY GEORGE
    • "Spector's Dirty Deed"; George McClure; in JIP-6666 DIRTY GEORGE

    • "Freedom Train"; SG Miller; in JIP-5327 FREEDOM TRAIN
    • "My Darlin' I Know You Are Gone (The Whipporwill Song)"; SG Miller; in JIP-5327 FREEDOM TRAIN
    • "Windows Of My Mind"; G.McClure; in JIP-5327 FREEDOM TRAIN
    • "Kumquat Blues (Zera's Blues)"; SGMiller; in JIP-5327 FREEDOM TRAIN
    • "Mass Grass"; SGMiller; in JIP-7207 and JIP-5327 FREEDOM TRAIN
    • - "Ticklin' The Strings"; SGMiller; in JIP-5351 GOD THE CREATOR and JIP-5959 SOME DAY and JIP-5327 FREEDOM TRAIN

    • - "Does This Train Go To Heaven"; B.Manz/G.McClure; in JIP-5351 GOD THE CREATOR and JIP-5959 SOME DAY

    • "Mis Pensamientos"; G.McClure; in JIP-7007 and JIP-8007 PLAYBOY SWING 2
    • "Crucifiqueme"; G.McClure; in JIP-7007 and JIP-8007
    • "Texas Blues"; G.McClure; in JIP-7007 and JIP-8007
    • "Mood Time"; S.G.Miller; in JIP-7007 and JIP-8007
    • "Dia De Los Muertos (The Matador)"; G.McClure; in JIP-7007 and JIP-8007
    • "grey-green skies"; poem S.G. Miller; in JIP-7007 and JIP-8007
    • "Untitled"; poem S.G. Miller; in JIP-7007 and JIP-8007

    • "Sunshine Of Our Love"; J.Herman, G.McClure, J.Vandiver; in JIP5361
    • "False Love"; J.Herman, G.McClure, J.Vandiver; in JIP5361
    • - "I'm A Wild One"; V.Leigh & G.McClure; in AC5523 Veronica Leigh

    • - "The Young, The Nomadic (Last Chance On The Prairie)"; SGMiller; in JIP-7207
    • "Alien Love (I Made Love To An Alien Last Night)"; G.McClure; in JIP-7207
    • "Champagne Saturday"; G.McClure; in JIP-7207, JIP-7007, JIP-8007
    • "Can't Drown Your Memory"; Wlm.Young; in JIP-7207
    • "America"; W.Young; in JIP-7207

    • - "(Trauma,)"; SGMiller; in Outstanding Poets of 1998, Ntnl.Lib.Poetry
    • - "grey-green skies"; SGmiller; in Ever-Flowing Stream, Ntnl.Lib.Poetry
    • 1994 - "The Ballad of O.J.Simpson"; SGMiller; in Nashville Banner-Tennessean
    • - "Double-Sided Mirror"; Wlm.Young; in Rainbow Wind, Sabre
    • - "Tucson Special"; SGMiller; in Variations On Theme, self.

    Film & TV

    • Miles And Miles Of Texas video w the Matadors trio
    • Playboy Swing video DVD
    • Interscope Records CW Network (CBS/Warner Bros.) - "Pussycat Dolls 2" - VIP talent
    • Promotionals - Nashville School of Music[tm] and Nashville Star Search[tm]
    • CATV Ch 19 - Nashville Star Search[tm] showcases
    • WSM-TV Channel 4 NBC News - statement on STS 107 Shuttle disaster
    • Dreamworks - "THE LAST CASTLE"; starring Robert Redford - Inmate
    • Nashville Network TV (TNN) - "Country Music News"; feature singing and interview
    • Paramount - "THE THING CALLED LOVE"; starring River Phoenix

    Production Credits & Leadership

    • Dr. George McClure received his Honorary Doctor of Musical Arts, June 2019 Nashville School of Music
    • SEE JIP Records 30 albums and 20 Artist Masters
    • "SOME DAY - Wings Of An Eagle" Women In Country JIP-5959-13 J.I.P. Records
    • "From The Heart" Women In Country JIP-5347-12 JIP Records
    • "Miles Away" Doug Byrkit Songs For Young Executives The Deadliest Catch TV
    • "The Lights Of Christmas" Band Of Writers sung by Perry Coleman and Kim Parent JIP-7214-09 JIP Records
    • "Playboy Swing 2" George McClure JIP-8007 JIP Records
    • "GOD the Creator" Band Of Writers JIP-5351 JIP Records
    • Interscope Records & CBS Network Pussycat Dolls 2
    • "Playboy Swing" George McClure JIP-7007 JIP Records
    • "Keep Your Eyes On Christ" Derek Richard PS-150 AC-5527 Artist Choice CD
    • Grammy contender Producer of the Year Non-classical entry contender [45'th - 48'th Academies]
    • 2005 Founds Nashville School of Music TM
    • 2002 OMNIVORE ASCAP is founded
    • 2002 Founds Trowbridge Symposium - Star Search
    • Producer, translator "Divine Inspiration" in We Saw The Best In You collection by Imelda Roberts with Nashville Children's Choir
    • George's name is called for Golden Music Awards at Nashville NAM
    • George is nominated "Vocalist of the Year" by Academy of Western Artists
    • Receives Stetson Hat Sponsorship, San Antonio, TX
    • Phil Hartman's "Troy McClure" gives airtime to "the Alien McClure" on the Simpsons
    • Production, recording, release, and promotion of "CHAMPAGNE SATURDAY (ALIEN LOVE)" CD on JIP Records
      "McClure's second album shows just how hot this cow jazz performer is." [Country Music Round-Up]   "Hot"   "Highly recommended" [W.Swing Monthly]   "solid"   "No disputing the musicianship" [Country Music People]
    • 1999 Founds JIP Records Nashville, TN ("JIP" stands for Just Iss Planetary Records) with full brick-and-mortar
    • Design and implementation of
    • Two poems published by National Library of Poetry; Outstanding Poets of 1998
    • Forms "McClure's America" (nee "Nashville Folks") full time touring show with two full time and up to twelve part time associates. Bandleader, singer, comedic relief, marketing and road manager. Tours three time zones; 180 shows and 85,000 miles in 1996. Full time for a decade.
    • Receives Gibson Banjo Artist Sponsorship, and Gold-plated ES Deluxe Banjo to play
    • Nashville Network TV (CMT/TNN) appearance - 240 Million viewing
    • "The Ballad of O.J.Simpson" feature article in Nashville Banner-Tennessean by Beth Stein
    • August 1991 Resigns Research Scientist position at Lockheed/Martin E&S Co., NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, USA.
    • Graduates Texas A&M University, Master of Computer Science / AI & Theory [gpa 3.89]
    • Graduates University of North Carolina, BA Math/Computer Science
    • Works in local studios, Charlotte, NC - sessions and instruction
    • Founds Trowbridge Publishing. Leads local band
    • Writes Variations On Theme, the improv book for 5-string banjo
    • Cofounder of Arizona's leading BG/country band, the Salt River Ramblers
    • First studio sessions for radio, Tucson AZ
    • Graduates University of Arizona, BA Cognitive Anthropology

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