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George McClure began 5-string banjo after a childhood education in classical and world music. Two and one half years later he was playing banjo and bass for a living in Tucson Arizona. Two years after that, he wrote the first book on improvisation for 5-string banjo, Variations On Theme.

A prolific writer, McClure penned hundreds of instrumentals, including polyphonic classical pieces, and moved into songs in swing, country, and roots styles. He founded Trowbridge Publishing to catalog his works; several of his poems are published in tomes. McClure has transcribed Mozart, Vivaldi, and Bach for the 5-string banjo and acoustic ensembles, and is author of a musical "The Green Grass of Indiana".

Since 1991 McClure resides in Nashville TN. He toured a decade, fronting his "McClure's America" and the Matadors, touring 23 states and 185 - 220 shows per year. He recorded the country swing / originals album "Champagne Saturday", followed by "Playboy Swing" and "Playboy Swing 2" (all original borderlands and swing). "Gifted right brained individual." [Nashville Music Guide]. See Reviews He is the writer of "Alien Love"TM, a download hit in Japan, and "The Ballad Of O.J.Simpson", and has appeared in CMT / TNN Network TV and Nashville Tennessean features.

FREEDOM TRAIN - A Bluegrass Collection, George's newest album, is quickly garnering outstanding feedback. "Really fine music" "Really well done". SEE JIP Records (Just Iss Planetary)

Following touring, George continued his career as a record producer and founded the original Trowbridge Symposium and Star Search (2003) and Nashville School of Music (2005.) He produces the Band of Writers and Women In Country Series. See Credits, Reviews, Talent Buyer, and other sheets for complete details and McClure's autobiography Iridescent Poppies And Lollipop Mommies.

George McClure's influences and musical styles are diverse and his understanding of the many idioms he explores, deep. John Steinbeck's writings had a profound effect early in his life along with visionaries like Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher. Selena, Haggard, Santana, Ray Charles, and thousands continue to enthuse George. But don't typecast him or his work, he will surely disappoint you if you do.

Inspired and unique, McClure has been called "a true original" by his peers, and his "ahead of his time" movement through life has resulted in admiration and a widespread fan base.

George McClure learned Bluegrass and Western swing in Arizona and New Mexico bars and clubs while playing banjo and bass for a living. "We couldn't get off the stage without playing a few Bob Wills and Texas swing numbers", George says. "And we had a guy in our band who grooved on all the swing. The complex chords and structures thrilled me." A little later in Carolina an old black bluesman, who had played with Lightning Hopkins, showed George some of what he knew on guitar and this became the basis for George's music.

Review of Playboy Swing: "One of a kind offering by a unique right-brained individual" [Joe Ross, Amazon and Borders]

15 Nov 2007
Nashville TN


Remember the 1994 Tennessean article on The Ballad Of O.J. Simpson? [See attached] Nashville songwriter George McClure wrote the song and guested on TNN Nashville Network TV with it, a trad country-style ballad.

What's McClure been doing since the dramatic Simpson run up the California coast in the white Ford Bronco thirteen years ago? For one thing, in early 1995 he changed his professional name to the George McClure (his original name is Stephen George Miller.) For eight years he toured three time zones, recording two albums, with songs on Dish Cable TV and XM radio. He played Nashville's Riverfront Gibson Guitar Cafe & Showcase to New Braunfels Texas' historic Gruene Hall and he was nominated for Vocalist of the Year, Academy of Western Artists.

Since 2001, McClure has focused on Nashville, writing, and record producing. His credits include working with Laura Becker on the CW Network TV reality show "Pussycat Dolls Present Season 2" (Interscope Records, Warner Bros, CBS, and CW Network.) He produced Veronica Leigh [REVIEW of Veronica Leigh - AC5523 - "well produced by George McClure - 'I'm A Wild One' really stands out") and the euro-pop Layni Kooper Shower Some Love, doing well in the UK and Europe.

McClure has transcribed Vivaldi, Mozart, and Bach for acoustic ensembles, and is the writer of "The Ballad of O.J. Simpson", featured in the Nashville Tennessean and on TNN Nashville Network TV. A prolific writer, George is the author of a musical, two books, and music ranging from jazz and neo-classical through gospel, Latin, and country. He holds degrees from three universities and is a former space scientist, NASA Houston.

Most recently, George McClure recorded an album of original material, Playboy Swing, placed in the Pop Vocal Album category in the Grammy Entry List round of voting. George is a NARAS writer, artist, and producer voting member. In his copious spare time, he oversees the operation of Nashville School of Musictm and SSNI * Star Search Nashville Intl, annual educational events hosted in Nashville in July. ( and

For more information see Official George McClure and George's official dossier at

McClure's name is called for Golden Music Awards at Nashville NAMM
George is nominated for Academy of Western Artists Vocalist of the Year
You'll hear "I Made Love To An Alien Last Night" and "America" on Dish Cable TV and Muzak.
"He has a way of making every song his own."[Billy Rose] "a true original" [Britt Savage]

"McClure's second album shows just how hot this cow jazz performer really is." [Country Music Round Up]
The "Alien McClure" mentioned on the Simpsons

Check out George's autobiography [language]

McClure's sponsors include Stetson Hats and Gibson Banjos. His Nashville appearances include NeA's Music City Music Showcase and Album Release Showcase Party at Wolfy's. Other McClure venues include the historic Greune Hall in New Braunfels, TX.

Other appearances include (CMT – TNN) (Nashville Network TV) Country News (as Stephen George Miller), singing and playing his "CottonPatch Blues" and speaking in an interview. His "The Ballad of O.J.Simpson", was featured in the Nashville Tennessean/Banner. Stetson Hats sponsors George, as does Gibson Banjos who even built a custom gold-plated model for his use. McClure acted as extra in Paramount's The Thing Called Love [River Phoenix] and Dreamwork's The Last Castle [Robert Redford] filmed in Nashville, Tennessee.

McClure recorded "Champagne Saturday" following six years touring with his three piece vocal acoustic ensemble, "McClure's America", who played 220 performances in 23 states during 1996.

"CHAMPAGNE SATURDAY (ALIEN LOVE)" (Western swing, TexMex, and swing jazz), is on JIP (Just Iss Planetary) Records. Produced by McClure, it includes guests Rick "L.D." Money (Grand Ole Opry, Randy Travis) Joey Miskulin (producer and sideman to Riders In The Sky), and Bobby Hicks (Rounder Records, Ricky Skaggs). Press Releases   Press Reviews "Highly recommended..."   "Hot..."   "No disputing the musicianship."


"We put a smile on every face and a glow in every heart"

George McClure wears Stetson Hats and plays Gibson Banjos